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Monday, October 5, 2015

IOS 9: The 5 Hottest Features Of Apples New Mobile OS

IOS 9 is now available for free download on compatible devices from the latest devices to older devices such as the iPhone 4S, iPad mini, iPad 2 and the iPod touch 5th generation. Apple cognoscneti are falling all over themselves to get this newest update, but for the general user, the question that is usually asked is “why should I upgrade?”

Like most of the major software releases from Apple, IOS 9 has many great new features but here are 5 of the hottest features that will likely send most readers scurrying to upgrade.

1.       Multitasking – unlike their Android contemporaries, IOS did not support multitasking before IOS 9.  This has no doubt created quite a bit of gadget envy among IOS users when Android users multitask effortlessly.

2.       Slide Over, split view and other views – these new ways to view the screen are the way to implement the multitasking ability of IOS. So now you can split the screen on your iPad, iPhone or iTouch allowing you to finally perform multiple tasks easily.

3.       News App – IOS 9 comes with the News App which gathers news from sources across the internet, based on your interests. This is like a news reader application with the great graphical interface Apple is known for. As you use the application, it remembers your choices and interests which allow it to customize the news feed.

4.       Notes – the launch of IOS 9 brings a pumped up version of the Notes app. Apple made so many improvements that it actually rivals the free Evernote app. In fact some features of the Note app surpass those of even the premium Evernote app.

5.       iCloud Drive – in a move to further enhance the use of iCloud, IOS 9 now provides very convenient access to the iCloud drive. It is now right there on the home screen. Access and data management of your iCloud files have likewise been enhanced.

There are many other features including a new and vastly improved Siri experience, a 1 hour increase in battery life and more. But these 5 features are among the most highly anticipated because they elevate the iOS user experience to a much higher level. For many users, its like having a new device again.

According to Apple, the upgrade should be available to practically all users at this time so your iOS device may be ready to install the upgrade already. Practice safe upgrading by backing up your data prior to installing the upgrade. 

Take note that the new features installed will vary according to device. For instance, some iPads will not get the multitasking features as these are dependent on the processor installed. More information about the feature implementation is available on

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