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Monday, July 20, 2009

Sun Cellular Suntel and Samsung Problems Interim Update 2

Well it’s been a good couple of weeks since my last update and with good reason. There is a new site on the right of this blog entitled Philtrack. Well that has been taking a lot of my time lately and you would think that it was enough time for Sun and Samsung to work something out.

Apparently not. Because my Suntel still sucks at home and this is with a desktop Motorola Service Unit. After much badgering by my contact in Sun, I received a call from Suntel asking about my call forwarding but no one has showed up here to check the network problem signal problem yet.

I would not be so upset over this had it not been for the fact that my business associates newly acquired Globe DUO works far better than my Suntel. The maddening thing is that Suntel is about the same price as DUO. I am actually on the verge of returning my Suntel and replacing it with a Globe.

Oh and about the Samsung. I just got fed up with waiting and staring at the disappearing signal on the C5212 display so I finally decided to bite the bullet and sell it on Ebay.

So its sold and so ends the C5212 saga. Not a happy ending and it certainly will affect my affection for Samsung phones at least in the Philippines.

After all I have been looking to acquire either the Pixon or the Innov8 or the new Omnia but I will be sure to check on service availability before committing to buy one.

Regarding Suntel, the only redeeming thing here is the commitment of my contact in Sun to work out a way on his own. If it was not for him, I probably would have submitted this problem to the DTI already.

Anyway I am emailing him again that my service still sucks and my call forwarding does not work either. I’m not waiting more than 2 weeks from today before I resort to drastic measures. After all, I call my friend on the DUO every other day and I hang up each time, upset about the quality of my Suntel signal.

So there. Lets see what happens within the next two weeks.

In the meantime I have a couple of new posts coming in the following days. I have a lot of news to share.

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