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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I'm Back! The Power Of A Vision Board

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I'm back after an extended absence. Been working nearly 16 hours a day over the past 10 months or so to get things going on the finance side. Thankfully things are a lot better now.

In connection with my humble success, I want to share with everyone here the power of the vision board.

I'm sure many of you have heard of "The Secret". To me it was a nice movie and book which showed techniques like visualization and vision boards to make things happen. I was impressed enough to try and make a vision folder on my PC. This was were I put all the things I wanted from tech stuff to cars. I would visit this folder every so often, add some pictures and remove others as my dreams changed.

Then in a series of events straight out of the Celestine Prophecy (which states that nothing happens by chance, that everything happens for a reason), I got a new client for my writing gigs and we got to emailing back and forth about vision boards.

Imagine my surprise when she mentioned that she had not only met one of the people in THE SECRET movie, but she was able to attend a party at the very house he had pointed out in the movie. At that moment, I realized that life had just let me in on seeing THE SECRET in action!

So I promptly checked out my vision folder and  to my surprise, I got nearly 80% of all the things in my folder. And mind you a lot of these items were just stuff I dreamed of having. It included an Omnia 2, an HTC HD2, a six core processor (instead of a Core i7) and a lot more. I am still waiting for my Expedition, Nissan Skyline Crossover, Skyline R35 and Ducati... hey the book said dream big.

There was actually a list where I put some items I wanted that were actually not things you buy but things you receive and on that point, I received nearly 100% of what I asked for.

The basic principle of The Secret was to ask and you shall receive and believe me, it works.

Check out the movie and read the book.

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