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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Surprise Interim Galaxy S Software Update

I was a bit surprised tonight when a dialog box suddenly appeared in my Samsung Kies program saying that an update was available for my Galaxy 9000 S. Since I had already upgraded to FROYO 2.2, I felt an adrenaline rush thinking that this might be the gingerbread update. So without even bothering to locate more information about the upgrade in the change log, I backed up my contacts and proceeded to upgrade.

Sadly the firmware version is still 2.2, and the build number is: FROYO DXJPE

I haven't seen any changes yet, but rest assured that I'll post back on this thread as soon as I come across these changes.

Just finished installing Android 2.2 NAND on my HD2

My HD2 was running as well as Windows Mobile 6.5 ever could, with no hanging, system freezing, etc. However, I could not deny the fact that the interface felt so dated compared to my Androids and the speed of the OS was a few steps behind Froyo on my Desire and Desire Z. Last but definitely not the least, I found myself disgusted each and every time I realize that I cannot sync my HD2 with Outlook 2010 64 bit, a task which the Androids, starting with 2.1, accomplished with ease.

It took some time for me to get up the courage to risk bricking my HD2 but last night I finally did it after seeing all the positive reports about HD2s running NAND Froyo 2.2s.

For those interested in reading about it and how to do it, here are a couple of links:

Please read very carefully. Proceed at your own risk as I will not be responsible if you brick your phone.

Now that I am done with disclaimers, here are my observations:


The procedure is pretty straightforward after you have setup the HD2 with the necessary version of HSPL (2.08)
I had a bit of a problem with the system hanging at the point where the Android loading program called MAGLDR was supposed to boot up. I traced the problem to an incompatibility with the ROM version I was using. The solution entailed simply flashing to a different ROM.

The actual flashing took a mere 10 minutes.


In a nutshell? Very well. Everything works EXCEPT:

- 720P camcorder mode

- In call volume is low. Temporary fix is to turn on the loudspeaker and turn it back off. 

- GPS seems to have problems, but I have to test further

GPS is working VERY WELL. After an initial wait of 1 minute or so, I got a fix on 6 satellites.

That's about it. The Android version I am using is the stock version used on the Desire and it works and runs about the same.

Speed is likewise about the same.

HTC sync works seamlessly as well as market.

That's about it for now.

One last thing I want to point out is that despite being a NAND version, one can easily revert back to Windows Mobile (though I can't see why one would want to) just by flashing the phone with the desired firmware.

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