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Monday, September 28, 2015

El Capitan: An Overview Of The New Mac OS X

Come September 30, Mac users can begin upgrading to the new OS X code named El Capitan. As always, Apple users cannot wait to upgrade to the new OS. 

So let’s look at what we can expect from El Capitan.

By Apples own statement on its website, El Capitan builds upon the innovations introduced by Yosemite and refines many of the features. Aside from this, there are several new features that will be introduced.

The most significant of these is the split screen viewing. It may sound like old news for Windows users but the ability to split that screen, especially the large 27 inch iMac screen, is a first for Apple. Majority of OS X users are probably breathing a collective sigh of relief. Its been a long time coming and now they can finally enjoy a native split screen on their Macs. 

Mission Control, an old feature of OS X, has received a major facelift that focus on improving usability. For instance, a single move allows the user to view all the open windows on one screen making task switching easy and intuitive. Before El Capitan, one had to either dig through the menus or make multiple keystrokes to switch tasks. Now it only takes one swipe to do it. 

Another very welcome feature has to do with finding your cursor. It is all too easy to lose a cursor in a sea of apps and it becomes an ordeal trying to locate it. El Capitan allows you to find it easily by just shaking a finger on the trackpad or shaking your mouse. This movement makes your cursor larger thus ending this game of hide and seek.

The new Notes application is designed to replace Evernote on your desktop. Practically all the functionality of Evernotes is integrated and Apple adds some innovations of their own. One example is the ability to view all attachments on one page which saves the user from having to search through the notes for that one attachment. Cross platform comes standard as well so Notes made on one device can be viewed on all your Apple devices. The ability to save data from different applications is also an Apple innovation that enhances the Notes experience. 

Other apps such as Spotlight, Mail and Photos have received major changes as well. Then Apple has also made improvements that boost computer performance that will further enhance the speed of OS X application launching, PDF viewing even task switching.

The changes brought by El Capitan to the OS X are in two major areas, experience and performance. If the teasers on the Apple website are any indication, then it will be a major boost over Yosemite. 

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